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Forging Arnthak 083

World Building

It's been an overly long period between Forging Arnthak's, and this is, obviously a problem. Part of the issue is simply a lack of work on the project - which I hope will ease as I begin to feel better mentally (yes, I am starting to feel better, thanks for pseudo-asking). This will also vary a bit dependent upon my workload, and Jay's availability to push more content. Regardless, there's been some good coding behind the scenes, and we have a major reveal right now, so here we go:

New Archmage of Arnthak running animation

Yes, there's a new Archmage sprite!


There's a bit of skeletal lore as far as the idea behind the Dyes and how they were first created. This is actually a cameo for someone, see if you can work it out when you get to it.


Last time, I talked about some palette switching code which I had just implemented. This has continued, and is now fully seated - The process runs as follows: Brew Universal Dye using your alchemy kit (which you have purchased and used a work order to install), then soak the dye in a tub with a sympathetic colour item (typically a berry cluster!) and get coloured dye. This can then be used, in order to change the Archmage's robes. The Soak Tub must be purchased and installed by your ratmen work crew, etc - so it's all quite involved.
Another change, was to have finally removed the 'Moonwalking bug' - which caused the player sprite to remain facing in one direction while the sprite moved in another. Typically, this was due to a wall inhibiting the shift to the new sprite animation, and then my code not re-checking to see if the change could be done later. This has been resolved (much to the chagrin of some).

Books in-game are now stored in an xml file that is formatted, which means I don't have to ensure validity of the menu system data file (for books, this was excessively clunky so this is a great fix). This also means that people wishing to read all the books need only punch the xml file through an xslt to get a xhtml document. Huzzah, this should make proof reading easier.

One final change, is the addition of 'slow movement', which is a game changer in some respects. Jay provided some excellent walking and running sprites, so this has engendered a gameplay change. When walking, the player will be immune to some traps, and I may make it impossible to fall off a ledge or similar. Walking quickly gives you a better speed output.

Map Work

No changes for this entry!


The Atlas remains here, it was updated a long while ago:

Screen Shots

Here's the new items for this week!

New things for Arnthak, 2013-11-02

New Archmage skulking around!:

New Archmage falling through stars:

A quick menu to tell you that dyes may cause a slight delay in play:

New Archmage in red:

New Archmage in green:

Current NPCs!

NPCs for Arnthak, 2013-11-02

Current list of Items!

Item for Arnthak, 2013-11-02