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Reaching out a little

Arnthak is now up on I've been noticing the traffic that it generates, and it seems to have a solid community behind it. I'm not inherently a fan of mirroring content elsewhere (I'd rather retain total control) so I'm not entirely sure how that will float. Maybe there will be a weekly update over there that links back down here.

There are a few things I distinctly like about IndieDB - the structure of the site is good, and the use of various filtering to get relevant content. I very much appreciate those items as they do form a bit of frustration elsewhere. I also don't mind the factor of having a ranking - though I don't like the idea of pitting indies vs each other, it's also nice to have some bragging rights there. That said, I've always held that the real reflection of draw is presently site traffic - not entirely sure if this will increase, decrease or simply split now due to the relocation. For now, this is the full headquarters for the game, and everything else is more or less a trickle down.