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Forging Arnthak 082

World Building

The last few days have brought quite a few good things to Arnthak - namely in the form of updates that have been queued for a while, which is helping me overcome inertia and get back into it.


Just a bit of reading here and there, nothing new.


Two major things went in this week - support for XBox360 controllers is now in (and others) - this turned out to be a rather large goofup on my behalf. This is good, since I got a few requests for this one, so it will help open that up. Second, and possibly having more impact, is that I've implemented some palette swapping code. This is code that will take 1 color and swap it for another. In the case of Arnthak, I've made a 'Color Swatch' of three

The palette swap code is exciting because it allows the player one further level of customisation, and also means I can do a few new things with some of the older objects. Unfortunately, it's slow, so I can't do it during the game tick, etc - mostly it has to be hidden behind the game's menu system or something.

Map Work

No changes for this week!


The Atlas remains here, it was updated a while ago:

Screen Shots

Here's the new palette swap code in effect, for the Archmage:

Current NPCs!

NPCs for Arnthak, 2013-09-07

Current list of Items!

Item for Arnthak, 2013-09-07